Hiring a Trusted Design Agency

Fortunate are those who live in big cities because they have access to high speed internet. However, it is not the same for those who stay in small towns and remote villages since many of them still use a dial up connection for accessing the internet. Because of the lack of 4G networks, the latter also have to depend on accessing the net via their smartphones through a slow 2G network. However, a healthy number of them make their purchases from online stores. Can you realize the number of potential clients you are losing out on if your website is full of huge image files? It will take ages for those pages to load over a slow net connection. Simply adding loads of images does make your website more appealing. There needs to be a balance between content and graphics. Unfortunately, many web designers, especially the unskilled ones, still employ large graphics on the index page.

The difference between the amateur and the professional

Professional design agencies in birmingham rarely make such a mistake. They avoid large graphics on the landing page as far as possible. If graphics are necessary, they will incorporate thumbnails of images of products and services offered by the owner of the website and link them to pages containing detailed information about those services and products. This allows the website to load quickly, irrespective of the net connection speed of the visitor. Most people, on an average, do not wait for more than five seconds for a site to load on their browser. If it does not, they will navigate to a different website offering the same stuff. Apart from this, many designers have a fascination of including massive flash graphics on the index page. The visitor has to wait until the flash files loads before they can navigate the site. This is the surest way of ensuring that the first visit you site by a prospective client is his last.

Cheap overseas designers

No doubt, the absurdly low prices offered by web designers from other countries might lure you. However, is their any guarantee that they will help you in case you face any problems with your website? Are you sure that you can communicate with them, in case they do not have a solid grasp of the English language? Therefore, it is essential to hire a reputable web design studio from your own country. This allows you to communicate with them properly and convey the changes you want incorporated on your online shop. If you live in the United Kingdom, look no further than design agencies in Birmingham, particularly those who have a branch office in your city. You can seek the guidance of their professionals to assist you to design an impeccable website. You only need to provide them with information such as the purpose of your website and your target clients, and leave the rest to them. They might charge you more than their overseas counterparts might but you will recover that excess sum in a few days as more and more visitors will be able to access your site easily, including those who are on a slow speed internet connection.